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Discord network

Discord is a communication platform designed for gamers, but also popular among other communities. It brings together users from all over the world and provides convenient communication tools, including voice and text chat rooms, as well as the ability to communicate via video. Discord is free to use and available on a variety of devices, including computers, phones, and tablets.

Purposes of using accounts

Discord accounts are designed to provide access to the platform and its functionality. Users can create their own accounts and customize them according to their needs, including setting a profile and profile picture. Discord accounts can also be used to join servers, private groups, and other communities on the platform, as well as to communicate with other users. Some users may use Discord accounts for business purposes to connect with clients or colleagues.

Account characteristics

Discord accounts have several characteristics that may be important to users. First, accounts can be set to privacy, allowing users to control the information they post and who can access it. Secondly, users can set up their accounts to access additional features on the platform, such as setting up notifications or setting up voice control. Thirdly, Discord accounts can be configured with a level of security, such as using two-factor authentication or setting permissions.

Discord accounts are registered using private provider proxies and verified using a phone number. Accounts are delivered in text format or via API. All accounts include:

Username, Password, E-mail, E-mail password and Browser session
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