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Account registration was performed on real mobile devices running Android and iOS using resident proxy servers. Instant delivery of accounts in a convenient format.

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Telegram accounts session + json

The format for issuing Telegram accounts in the store is session + json. This format allows access accounts using the most common software. Includes a session (.SESSION) and an additional JSON information file containing the essentials account information.

Telegram accounts TData

Telegram account format for full operation on Windows Desktop. To obtain TData, users only need to use Telegram account converter integrated into the interface immediately after purchase.

Account registration was performed using private residential provider and mobile proxy servers, on dedicated hardware using real devices running Android and iOS systems. Verification accounts were made to leased phone numbers of mobile operators.

User safety is ensured by the ability to conveniently and quickly obtaining accounts in almost unlimited quantities and at the required time, and also due to the fact that the stock of Telegram accounts is guaranteed not to contain invalid accounts.

Using accounts

Telegram accounts allow you to implement unique automation opportunities business processes, building bots, analytics and much more.

Telegram accounts are widely used to promote goods and services in the ecosystem of messenger. Thanks to accounts, you can send personal messages to users Telegram, as well as in groups. Using accounts you can engage in inviting - invite selected users to their groups (chat rooms), thereby making them more popular. The number of group members also affects positions in Telegram search results.

We offer accounts that meet the highest requirements and help achieve the highest results in the development of online communication:

Key features


With Telegram accounts you can create bots that will perform necessary tasks - from automatic sending of messages and invites to monitoring activity users.


Gaining access to Telegram user data allows for parsing for the purpose of analysis audience quality, create personalized marketing and improve interaction target audience.


Session + Json and TData formats are ideal for development and testing new features and applications in the Telegram ecosystem.


Many projects and collaborations on Telegram require or offer companies convenient and useful data exchange. Our accounts provide reliable and safe way transmission of information in the messenger network.

Connecting accounts

To actively work with Telegram accounts, use the connection scheme 1 account = 1 proxy. Use only good residential proxies - provider or mobile ones.

Telegram accounts

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🇲🇲 Myanmar +95
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